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Thank you and welcome

Thank you for visiting our website. We invite you to become familiar with the services our company offers as well as the philosophy we embrace in providing these services to you. As you navigate through, you will find each resource and service described as it presents an interface with litigation support facets.


Taking care of matters

We provide professional and dependable assistance to our clients within a friendly and attentive environment. This is easily facilitated by our long-term relationships with all of our court reporters, corporate staff, videographers, interpreters and other outside service providers. Because of this established environment, we are able to provide to our clients a user-friendly entry into a paperless office. Should you wish, our online facility can take you from scheduling a reporter with enhanced resources (videographer, interpreter, realtime access, conference room) to MapQuest or Google Maps directions to the proceedings, followed by transcript request, production and retrieval/distribution.


A team you can count on

You may also interact with our office on a personal level, which is our preference,a and our corporate staff will be happy to assist you in providing the same quality and efficiency of service offered through our website.

As you become familiar with our services, please contact us via email or by calling 702.474.6255 to discuss any inquiries or specific requirements that you may have.

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