About Us


When Western Reporting Services, Inc., opened its doors in September of 1990, its Mission Statement embodied the task of providing exceptional court reporting services to the legal community. The intent was not to grow by leaps and bounds through straw vehicles such as aggressive marketing techniques, but to gain an increased client base by performing in the top of our field. This meant not only providing accurate transcripts to our clients, but offering additional litigation support services from within a superior professional environment. Over the years, the integrity of this philosophy has remained uncompromised. Our court reporters and corporate staff receive repeated commendations from our clients complimenting our detailed attention to the task at hand, along with our people-oriented manner of processing their requests.

Our greatest strength at Western Reporting comes from the team effort displayed by both our court reporters in the field as well as our in-house staff resident in our corporate offices. Our basic company-wide philosophy of providing superior services to each of our clients as if they were our only client is the basis of our continued success year after year.

From your first contact with one of our corporate staff, you will notice that Western Reporting is different. Each member, regardless of his or her respective function within Western Reporting's corporate organization, strives to provide the highest quality of performance within his or her area of expertise. A company functions at its highest level where its members collectively believe in functioning at their highest level, and the court reporters and in-house staff of Western Reporting consistently strive to maintain that exceptional level of performance.

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