An accurate record of proceedings produced in the most useful format for a client's specific litigation goal is at the foundation of our production philosophy. We seamlessly offer extensive formatting of the record designed to assist our clients and the members of their litigation team in realizing their discovery goals in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Daily and expedited delivery of the final transcript
  • Indexed and compressed formatting
  • Email delivery via multiple formats
  • Encrypted delivery of electronic transcripts to protect the transmission of sensitive data
  • Rough draft expedited delivery

Realtime Reporting

Onsite or remote access to instantaneous production of the reported proceedings.

Our real-time reporters are well-versed in producing a useable, instantaneous transcript concomitant with ongoing proceedings to enhance our clients' efficiency in time-sensitive litigation scheduling. Spontaneous transcripts are deliverable to onsite participating counsel as well as to remote locations such as experts' home offices or counsel's offsite litigation team.


Litigation Support Media

Western Reporting offers an underlying configuration of transcript media language compatible with counsel-specific litigation software. The configured transcript may be provided via CD or electronic transmission.


Account Services

Western Reporting's established online services continually evolve to accommodate the convenience of our clients. While our in-house staff is always available during regular business hours to provide the same services offered by Western Reporting online, we realize that during trial preparation and discovery-intense intervals, significant preparation may be conducted by our clients and their litigation team outside of standard business hours. For this reason, clients may avail themselves of 24/7:

  • Online scheduling with follow-up confirmation
  • Online calendar management
  • Online access to our documents repository where processed transcripts and related exhibits are archived
  • Online transcript ordering
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